When all Comic Con is done, I go online (…) kind of catch up to see what every studio has done. [x]

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Jensen Ackles speaking to fans at the SDCC14 Supernatural Signing.

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RIP Talia Joy Castellano
August 18, 1999 - July 16, 2013 

Happy birthday to the most beautiful man who never fails to bring us joy and happiness

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Everybody who comes to the Speak Easy gets a gift, you get one too. Are you ready? You get your own cowbell.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice



his face……

The man just wants to feel cute. He doesn’t understand the laughter.


More X Men behind the scenes mayhem with James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman.



all my parents do is complain about how we dont go outside and play like they do but then i ask to do the things they used to do and they say “no thats too dangerous”



so oprah has a branded chai tea at starbucks now…

This vine gives me life.

You’re screwed up and brilliant; look like a million dollar man.

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier + character tropes.

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